What is diaper rash?

Protease Enzymes:
the root cause of diaper rash

Proteases present in our Gastro-Intestinal (GI) tract enable us to digest the proteins in our food. Normally proteases are neutralized along their transit through the GI tract. However, in babies and infants the GI tract is not yet fully functional. This means that the proteases are not completely neutralized during the transit through the GI tract and are still active upon excretion. Active proteases possess proteolytic (the breakdown of proteins) activity that damages the sensitive perianal skin.

Protease Enzymes damage the skin causing:









Skin eruptions

Proteolytic enzyme activity

The proteolytic enzyme activity in feces, causing diaper rash, is high in newborns and infants, especially during the first year of life.

The skin becomes more vulnerable to protease enzymes due to:

Prolonged contact of the perianal skin with feces
Urine  ·  Change from breast milk to formula milk  ·   Diarrhea
Teething  ·   Introduction of solid food  ·   Taking antibiotics