Frequently Asked Questions

Is Diapo-Care® safe to use?

Diapo-Care® contains internationally accepted cosmetic ingredients and therefore it is classified as a cosmetic product. The key ingredient, protease enzyme inhibitors, are derived from a natural product Dermatologically tested and approved by UK peds.

Is Diapo-Care® hypoallergenic?

In a study performed in the United Kingdom. the irritation and sensitisation of Diapo-Care® on the skin was evaluated. The results of this study demonstrated that Diapo-Care® is: Hypoallergenic, Kind to skin, safe and mild for skin, suitable for sensitive skin and paediatrician approved

Can I continue to use Diapers in combination with Diapo-Care®?

You can continue to use Diapo-Care® in combination with diapers. Diapo-Care® is a light cream, which enables the skin to breath and does not stick to the diaper as easily as other preparations.

How fast is the action?

You can see the effect within one week. Studies have shown that in severe cases continuous application for three weeks lead to significant improvement.

Will Diapo-Care® be absorbed into the skin of babies?

Diapo-Care® is a cosmetic, it is non-genetically modified, hypoallergenic and not toxic. Diapo-care® should be administered topically and we assume that systemical concentrations are minimal. However, to be on the safe side, our safety assessment is based on 100% dermal absorption of all ingredients. This safety assessment report is done by a cosmetic safety assessor in United Kingdom. The SED (Systemic Exposure Dosage) was calculated with the assumption of a 100 % dermal absorption and the conclusion of the report is, that the product is safe for use.

Why has the Diapo-Care® tube this size?

Diapo-Care® contains 40 grams and the size provides you with sufficient multiple application over a few weeks or when necessary. The protease inhibitors are also preventive, therefore application (after each Diaper change) of Diapo-Care® will also prevent the Diaper rash.

How is the smell of Diapo-Care®?

Diapo-Care® has a slight floral perfume.

Can Diapo-Care® be used in other rashes, cuts, bruise, scrapes?

Diapo-Care® is indicated for the prevention and treatment of diaper rash.

Where is Diapo-Care® Available?

Diapo-care® is available in the following countries: Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Colombia.
The product will soon be available in Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Bolivia and Spain.