Why use Diapo-Care®?

Differences between baby and adult skin

Adult skin

Not easily affected,
because it is thicker
than the skin of a baby.

Protease Enzymes that pass through the adult intestinal tract are inactive upon excretion and unable to harm the adult skin.

Baby skin

Protease Enzymes in the feces damage the sensitive baby skin, which results in Diaper Rash.

Protease Enzymes that pass through the intestinal tract of newborns are still active upon excretion and, hence, can harm the sensitive skin.

Why treat the symptoms when you can prevent the root cause of skin irritation in the diaper area?


Features of Diapo-Care®:

  • Treats the root cause of diaper rash by inhibiting the activity of fecal proteases

  • Protects the sensitive skin of the baby

  • Proven clinical efficacy in severe cases with lesions

  • Easy to apply and remove

  • Derived from a natural product, no coloring agents, hypoallergenic

  • Proven safe by U.K. Research Institute